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Available sizes

  • 254 cm  x  368 cm  (high x width)
  • 280 cm  x  368 cm  (high x width)
  • 254 cm  x  416 cm  (high x width)
  • 290 cm  x  416 cm  (high x width)

  • Wide sheets
  • Vivid colors that resist fading, with UV protection
  • High-quality digital print replication
  • Eco-friendly, odorless latex printing
  • Sturdy material, doesn’t stretch during application - 130 g/m²
  • Easy wall-only adhesive installation
  • Effective masking of wall imperfections
  • Secure transportation packaging
  • Includes free glue and assembly instructions

Edge-to-edge gluing, ensuring nearly imperceptible joints. Through precise digital processing, all elements seamlessly align, leaving no visible seams. Non-woven wallpapers boast a robust, eco-friendly base, ensuring resilience against deformation, stretching, and installation wear. Utilizing cutting-edge printing technology, they showcase exceptional color saturation and richness. These wallpapers maintain their vibrancy over time, retaining their original allure for years to come.

Printing Technology 

  • HP Latex for odorless and safe printing 
  • Finish: Semi-matte with a smooth surface (non-reflective, evenly disperses sunlight)

Complimentary glue and detailed instructions included 

Each photo wallpaper comes with a sufficient amount of eco-friendly and versatile special glue. Additionally, we provide detailed assembly instructions for easy application.

  • Instruction in English and Russian

Simple and hassle-free installation 

Apply glue solely to the wall, then affix dry sheets onto the wet surface. The enhanced durability of non-woven photo wallpaper simplifies installation, minimizing the risk of material damage. Poorly glued strips can be easily repositioned without harm to the wallpaper.

Wide sheets for effortless installation 

Unlike typical photo wallpaper sheets, which are only 50 cm wide and require cutting, ours come in wider sheets, ready for immediate assembly. With our product, there’s no need for cutting or additional connections. The use of wide columns ensures:

  • Fewer connections
  • Assembly twice as fast

Environmentally conscious production 

We prioritize environmental responsibility in the production of our photo wallpapers. They are manufactured according to stringent ecological standards, utilizing odorless and environmentally safe latex printing.

The print is GREENGUARD certified, ensuring safe and suitable use in schools, children’s rooms, and even medical facilities. This certification validates the printing technology’s safety and convenience.


We offer 3 types:

  • The image is composed of 5 separate parts: 2 pieces measuring 40cmx60 cm, 2 pieces measuring 30cmx80cm, and 1 piece measuring 30cmx100 cm, creating a combined image size of 100x170 cm
  • The image is composed of 5 separate parts: 2 pieces measuring 20x40 cm, 2 pieces measuring 20x50 cm, and 1 piece measuring 20x60 cm, creating a combined image size of 60x100 cm
  • Image size of 45x145 cm

Ready to hang

Upon unpacking, the picture is ready to adorn your wall with ease and safety, thanks to the included metal hangers.

Canva is guaranteed to transform your apartment's interior, infusing it with a touch of uniqueness and freshness. Versatile for all room types, its adaptable design brings original character and style to any space. Moreover, canvas prints are sunlight-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Product Specifications:

  • ✓ Digital Print Quality - Offers vibrant colors and exceptional print clarity. UV-resistant surface maintains color saturation over time. Latex printing is safe for both people and the environment.
  • ✓ High Durability - Canvas remains wrinkle and stretch-free on the frame. Waterproof and fade-resistant, with high elasticity for a seamless stretch over the frame. 
  • ✓ Superior Workmanship - Printed edges provide a 3D effect. High-quality canvas ensures precise detail and color reproduction, mimicking the natural canvas effect.
  • ✓ Secure Transportation - We prioritize high-quality packaging materials, ensuring paintings are well-protected. Corner reinforcement, protective film, and sturdy cardboard boxes guarantee safe delivery.

* Premium quality MDF frame
* FSC certified MDF frame
* High-quality canvas: 260 g/m²

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